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“Do you own a company? Then go green and save money. Read this blog to know how.”

When the world is advocating us to go green, it is our responsibility to adopt environment-friendly ways in every aspect of life. Recent trends show companies working towards this agenda too. So, if you are an owner of a company, it is time that your institution reaches out towards an environment-friendly atmosphere. But do you know this will also save some money which you can invest back into the business? Want to know how? Then read this blog. Here are 6 smart ways by which your company can save money by going green.

1.Purchase less paper product

Promote a paperless working operation to create an environment-friendly atmosphere. How much money do you spend on writing pads, printing papers, envelopes, and letterheads? Scan necessary documents when required to reduce wastage of paper and small paper items that any company has to purchase for operation. Use cloud based option to reduce the purchase of copy paper by at least half over the course of an entire year.

2. Reuse products

If you have a retail company, consider using reusable products like reusable or insulated shopping bags. You can even include your company logo or tagline on the bags to promote your business. Consumers are more likely to use environment-friendly options that are provided to them or those that are available for purchase at a minimal cost. Reusable items also reduce additional waste being left in the barren lands.

3. Install water dispensing system

Does your company offer the customer a bottle of water as a courtesy? Please note that not all bottles are recyclable and not all are sent for recycling. You will be surprised to know that 25% of bottled water is accessed from a source provided by the state or federal district. So, instead of spending amounts of money on bottled water, install a water dispensing system that can be used the customer as well as the employees.

4. Lower utility costs

Large businesses spend thousands of dollars on utility costs. You can cut the utility costs of your company by changing light fixtures to energy-efficient fixtures like LED light bulb that can last around 20 years. They also need less energy to work and provide a better source of light.

5. Tax credits

Companies making efforts to go green starting within the confines of its own walls can take the benefits of tax credits. Tax credits can be taken for energy efficiency, reduced emissions, solar energy, and other green efforts.

6. Landscaping around the property

If you want to increase the productivity of your employees and decrease their sick days, take green efforts in form of landscaping around your business property. This is a healthy way to replace unhealthy carbon dioxide with fresh and clean oxygen. Cleaner air will allow employees to enjoy breaks on green spaces and return to their workstation rejuvenated and refreshed. Increased productivity among your employees will lead to business and financial gain.

7. Get more investors

Taking green initiative for your company has more financial benefits than you can think of. For instance, investors are more likely to put their money into a business that is complying with green standards and working on reducing its overhead costs. This is because, in the long run, they will get a large return on their investment. This will further compel them to invest in your company in the future.

Going green has many advantages for the business. Apart from de-cluttering your office and encouraging a clarity of mind, working towards an environment-friendly office can get you perks like tax incentives, overall cost cutting and not to forget the productivity and efficiency of the business.

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