6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking up Finance as a Major

Wondering if Finance would be a good option for your major or not? Well, then read this blog to know more.”

If you have a knack for playing with numbers and figures and if you are good at money matters, then you should definitely think of choosing Finance as your major. The career opportunities are quite rewarding; you will get a lot of options to choose from and there is plenty of scope to grow in this particular field. The best part is that every company would require people from Accountancy or Finance background, irrespective of the scale and turnover of business and hence, this field is a lot more guaranteed when compared to others.

While there are plenty of reasons which prove that choosing Finance as a major would be a very wise decision for an ambitious individual, here are eight of the most pertinent ones. Take a look.

1.A variety of higher studies – The first reason why I would suggest you taking Finance is that there are a variety of options for higher education. You can opt for MBA or PGDM with specialization in Finance, or you can go for professional programs like CA, CS, Costing and etc. You can also opt for the Master Degree if you want to stay in the teaching or research field. If you take some out and check, you will see that there are many other options for certificate courses (both online and offline courses) as well.

2. Growing job prospects – Things are extremely promising if you choose this line, according to most of the financial analysts. Job opportunities in this field are very likely to rise in the upcoming few years.

3. A variety of sectors to choose from Careers in finance are growing and there are a variety of sectors to choose from. The best part is that you can work with any company which has been your “dream company” since childhood because every organization has an Accounts & Finance Department. Here are the main sectors you can choose from.

  • Corporate management
  • Investment and financial planning services
  • International financial management
  • Brokerage firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Personal financial planning for individuals and private organizations
  • Credit unions and private banks
  • Commercial and investment banks

Other than that, you can also think about other job options like Finance writers, teacher, professor and etc.

4. Financially rewarding – Although the salary would depend on your degree and grade, still I can say that most of the jobs in this field are quite financially rewarding. Take some time out and search online if you want to know about the exact salary bars. There are many websites which would provide you with this kind of information.

5. Internal development opportunities – In most of the companies, you will get a chance to develop your skills and increase your knowledge by undertaking certain programs and courses. So, internal development opportunity is another reason why Finance is a great choice for your career.

6. Personality driven – No matter which kind of job you choose after completing your graduation or post-graduation, most of them are personality driven. The requirements of an employer would not only include your academic records and degrees but also how your personality is. So, you can see it would help you shape and groom other aspects of yourself as well.

So, these were the major reasons why I would suggest you take up Finance if you have an interest in this field. Don’t delay anymore and look for the best colleges in town now!

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